180. The Funding Gap & a serial tech entrepreneur.

Did you know that for every dollar of funding, startups founded by women generate 78 cents, while startups founded by men generated less than half, at only 31 cents? Despite this the majority of private equity and venture capital are going to male entrepreneurs. Michaela meets Marianna Mamou, Head of Advice Beyond Investing of the UBS Chief Investment Office. Michaela and Marianna talks about why this is and how we can improve the possibility for women to raise funds at an early stage.

Todays entrepreneur:

Saba Saad, the manager of Feminvest EXPAND – our entrepreneurs program, , meets the founder and CEO of Zebrain, Anna Bloth Karling.
Zebrain is a ground-breaking digital coaching platform. Through research-based coaching programs, Zebrain supports organizations, leaders and employees to reach their goals and visions while increasing well-being while reducing stress and sick leave.
Anna is a serial tech entrepreneur with a background in organizational development, corporate branding & communications and change management etc. She started her first company 18 years ago. Zebrain is her second SaaS company.
In todays episode, Anna speaks about the biggest differences and challenges from starting her first company 18 years ago, vs today. She also shares her best tips on how to move forward in your entrepreneurial journey and how to continuing to develop as a entrepreneur.

Visit their website here: https://www.zebrain.se/sv/


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