In this weeks episode of the Feminvest podcast, Michaela and Elin talks about the exciting future of the Feminvest podcast.  Starting of next week, our new host is our fabulous colleague Saba Saad who will take over the entrepreneurial part of the podcast. Listen to the episode to find out more!

This weeks entrepreneur is Amanda Lilja, founder and CEO of FeedbackFrog. FeedbackFrog is a B2B SaaS platform for reliable customer insights.
In a world with an increasing degree of individualization and short production runs, interaction and feedback from customers – in ever shorter cycles – becomes an important part of companies’ ability to be competitive. Effective digital tools that automate and speed up large parts of the work with research and ensuring a great user experience, become an important tool in the pursuit of market share.
FeedbackFrogs unique digital platform streamlines and simplifies this work and gives companies a significant opportunity for scalability and expansion through data with high precision and reliable insights about their relevant market segments and intended target groups.

The plan is to soon introduce FeedbackFrog’s platform in three new markets; Germany, Finland and Denmark.
Amanda Lilja, who is the founder of FeedbackFrog, started her career at Electrolux with positions in product development and UX research (user experience). She identified a clear need for a digital and scalable solution for receiving qualitative customer insights. And with strong support from Electrolux, Amanda decided to develop the digital solution that she could not find on the market at the time, and with Electrolux as the first customer.

Visit their website here to learn more!

Happy listening!


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