178. Trading & Swimdresses – How risk averse are you?

In this episode of the Feminvest podcast, Michaela talks about trading with Edvin Wallin, and Saba meets Nadja Forsberg, a Feminvest EXPAND member and the co-founder of the swimwear brand: Rivage Swimwear that was just launched in March this year, and what Rivage is doing is to introduce us to their gorgeous swimdress. 

Today’s topic: TRADING & EXCHANGE TRADED PRODUCTS: We are focusing on what to do if you are not the most risk-averse investor if you might be a bit more on the carful side when investing – What sort of exchange-traded products should one look at? Edvin Wallin, country manager of Vontobel, trader, and a friend of Feminvest gives us the answers!

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Edvin Wallin, Country Manager at Vontobel, tells us about the beauty of exchange-traded products, and how you as an investor have the opportunity to get exposure towards markets that are otherwise quite difficult to invest in. For example, gold has become very popular but can be quite hard to invest in, but exchange-traded products offer the ability to go long and short in the type of commodities.

Vontobel has different offers when it comes to getting exposure to not just stocks, but different indexes, commodities, and cryptocurrency via exchange-traded products. You’ll find more information here. Visit Vontobel: https://markets.vontobel.com/en-no


Nadja Forsberg, one of our EXPAND members, is talking to Saba Saad about her journey and how she came to be an entrepreneur. Nadja tells us about how she, realized that everything is designed to purposely break to maintain a high level of consumption. Which made Nadja motivated to create and develop products in a more sustainable way. Nadja shares her top three pieces of advice, lessons and experiences she learned on her entrepreneurial journey.  

Rivage is introducing the swimdress. A dress that is daring swimwear to take on a new form. It is lightweight, fast drying and has UV-protection. The ultimate lifestyle garment for all things swim.  Rivage was launched late March 2023 by Nadja Forsberg, Michelle Malmström and Jessica Johansson. Visit their site here: https://rivageswimwear.com/


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