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Elin is finally home from her vacation and as Michaela and Rebecca were discussing last week, wine, was definitely on her agenda while in Chile and Argentina. (And yes we are absolutely jealous) Back in the winter wonderland, the rest of Feminvest, Michaela Berglund, Rebecca Mboge, and Joanna Forssen have given some extra love to Feminvest’s newly launched entrepreneurs program: Feminvest EXPAND, read more about the program here or contact us via with your questions!

And of course, we are working with all the upcoming events and webinars. Feminvest releases new events every week, go to to stay up to date!

Today’s Guest Erica Wennerström, CEO of Quizrr
Quizrr’s is a Tool, and a digital training platform that enables de-risking in global supply chains by educating workers from the bottom up on business-critical topics to drive behavioural change. Our platform enables you to track progress, get actionable insights, and address  pain points proactively with your business partners.

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