In this weeks episode, Michaela and Rebecca chats about how Elin, who is on a well deserved vacation at the moment, probably is sitting on a beach somewhere drinking wine and enjoying life to the fullest. Further more they talk about Feminvest newest addition – EXPAND! and some history of the Silicon Valley Bank that collaped.


In the entrepreneur part of the podcast Elin and Michaela talks about horseback riding with the founders of Rider’s position, Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis and Charlotta Mantell.
Rider’s position is a SaaS company (SaaS stands for Software as a Service) which is developing a software platform supporting rider’s to achieve a better position in the saddle, to protect the horses and contribute to better equestrian sports. Rider’s position coach is the world’s first digital real time coach for equestrian riders. The company collect motion data from the riders mobile phones and it comes back from their AI coach as verbal feedback on the rider’s position, or as a written Rider analysis.

By helping riders to improve their position in the saddle, they want to protect horses and contribute to a better equestrian sport.
Founders Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis and Charlotta Mantell are both passionate riders and horse owners with a special interest in the interaction between rider and horse.

Read more about Riders position here!


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