189. Feminvest Summer Talk: Aleksandra Avli

Resilience and Change: Being the Creator of your destiny 

Feminvest Summer Talk: Episode 6
Meet Aleksandra Avli, Co-founder of HON (Her Online Network), an app aimed at transforming professional networking for women through vulnerability and authenticity.?
Drawing from her early life experiences as a war refugee, Aleksandra underlines the importance of resilience and the ability to adapt to change. Aleksandra recounts how her longing for safety, due to the instability of her childhood, ultimately led her to create a safe space for others through HON.

❤️ Aleksandra shares a powerful message about embracing our unique journeys, and challenges to consider for the legacy we wish to leave behind. She advocates for continuous growth, building resilience, and encourages everyone to be creators of positive, authentic change in the world.

The core of Aleksandra’s story revolves around the challenges faced by HON, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which jeopardized the in-person nature of the community. Determined not to let external circumstances define HON’s fate, she channeled her inner warrior, and together with her team, pivoted to virtual events and resources, continuing to positively impact the lives of many women.

The music in this episode is performed by the artist: Stina Svensson & Olivia Lundberg, Hello Ocean
Song: We Don’t speak
To the artist: https://open.spotify.com/album/6sUThfXRwDdvqs3c2LgmNt 

About Aleksandra Avli: Previously co-founder of HON (Her online network) an app that aimed at transforming professional networking for women through vulnerability and authenticity. Aleksandra is a versatile and results-driven leader who is passionate about optimizing and accelerating success, whether that is in creating culture, products or companies.

Aleksadra has a strong passion for product ownership connected to communication strategy. With extensive experience in developing and executing products, content strategy, and brand building she is committed to building brands that can relate deeply with their audience’s needs. At present, Aleksandra is engaged as board advisor and as a consultant specializing in branding and community strategy.

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