Are you a good leader or just a leader?

YOU must do your homework when it comes to leadership. YOU have to educate yourself about yourself. Where lie YOUR strengths and weaknesses? If you’re not aware of that it will reflect on your business.

Wise words from a wise woman.

In today’s episode, we’ve managed to get a hold of Christina Stielli who is a well-known author, lecturer and organizational developer and speaker. She was actually Speaker of the Year in 2021. Of course, she is on the run so keep that in mind while listening to the podcast.
If you want to develop as a leader and as a person – This is the episode for you!

Christina Stielli

(Bild: Christina Stielli)

Today’s reflection: Do you know your strength and weaknesses? And above all, do you put in the work to improve yourself before you turn to others demanding change?

How to get ahead of your dreams and goals:
Step 1. Pick the brain of someone who accomplished what you want to accomplish. Find the person whom you want to be in five years.
Step 2. Be genuinely interested in the person
Step 3. Give something first, ask later

We also have with us a well-known face from Twitter, Albin Kjellberg (@aktiealbin). Michaela and Albin is covering the latest news when it comes to the Stockmarket.

Topics of the day:

  • Failed investments
  • The quarterly reports
  • Banks – What is happening?
  • Latest news when it comes to SPACS

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