181. Menstrual & hormonal problems.. Ever been down that road?

181. Menstrual & hormonal problems.. Ever been down that road?
Yep, we have as well..


The femtech company Ovulai wants to change that – listen to the podcast asap and share your thoughts on matter 🙏

The high-school, university friends and later co-founders of Ovulai, AND Feminvest EXPAND members, Leyla and Kristina, is having an exciting conversation with our dear colleague Saba about the health-gap, expansion and the future.

Visit their webiste: https://www.ovulai.com/

About Ovulai:
Ovulai AB – a femtech company started by a team of KTH students to develop the first digital therapeutics for menstrual disorders. Up to 10% of all women and uterus carriers suffer from irregular menstrual cycles due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Many more are affected and hindered in their daily life by menstrual related symptoms. With Ovulai’s app these women can get support with treatment using personalized lifestyle management programs


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