stayed in Almedalen this year.

Because the media coverage was mediocre, or was it because the week itself was? A few days have passed since Almedalen.

According Wikipedia: (The Almedalen Week is an annual event taking place in week 26 in and around Almedalen, a park in the city of Visby on the Swedish island Gotland. With speeches, seminars and other political activities, it is considered to be the most important forum in Swedish politics)

The year after an election, the meeting place is always sleepier. For sure the financial situation had resulted in companies being more restrictive on spending money on this occasion. The fact that the popular event DJ Battle was cancelled says something too. Last year’s tragedy also affected the participation at the event. Overall media reported less from both the party-leaders speeches and the actual week.

– I remember how this area was completely full of tents and people. One of my meetings said and pointed in a direction with no commercial tents and no people present, as we got a cup of coffee in the Google Pavilion and strolled down towards the water to sit down on a bench. I was there to represent Feminvest and to share some of our ambitions in the upcoming two years. Despite the lack of talk around the week I personally found some conversations really interesting.

  • Some topics were hotter than others. AI was a big topic for the present tech companies. (If you search for it in the program here you will get 121 hits.) Discussing what white-collar jobs the technology would really replace. But also issues like responsibility in the new paradigm, when our computers can create and calculate faster and more precis than ourselves.
  • Fair Recession fears, thoughts of interest rates and the ways to navigate the current frosty economic situation was aired too. Meanwhile the Swedish currency plummet to historic low levels the very same week to seal the evident truth. As long as foreign investors stay away in fear of our financial- and property-markets we will struggle. Still too few transactions to see where the property prices are heading this year. As we are still talking about additional rate-hikes, the markets could still be shakier that we can imagine today. Just remember last year around this time most banks were anticipating an end to the highest inflation by now.
  • Last year the property companies were big in Almedalen too, this year not so much. This week SBB’s stock went up 45%. Properties are continuously sold and hope is now partly tied to the Educo portfolio, to be bought by Brookfield?Speculations are hot on the capacity that the company could survive divided into few different companies…
  • It’s more important than ever to make sure to have a buffer in today’s financial market but is it enough? Even though we have a high exposure towards housing privately in Sweden it might be relevant to look at the way we pay off our loans. Could it be a good idea to see reliefs in the amortization requirements onwards?
  • I spent one day discussing equal pensions with moderator Johan Hakelius from Fokus, Mattias Munter pensions economist at Skandia, Minister of Equality Paulina Brandberg, Irene Wennemo, Director General at Medlingsinstitutet and Therese Svanström Chairwoman from TCO.

Johan asked for concrete actions on how we can create more equal pensions and I gave multiple answers.

  1. Give more space for lectures in financing and tech in school. You need to give young people (more women) the option to discover if they like finance/ technology early. Especially as today’s society depend on it more than ever. I hear ever so often on how we get inspired by friends
  2. Sign up for the waiting list to get Charly Equality insurance for when you get kids together, discover how your family situation can become more equal with their tool.
  3. More women in entrepreneurship would mean more money for women. Ensure a more equal distribution of private equity to both women and men, not just men as it is today.
  4.  Start writing down you financial action plan on your daily to-do list.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how we can achieve more equal pensions?



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