Feminvest Summer Talk

“Why is mental illness increasing so rapidly in a world where we actually have it better than ever?”

Meet Charlotte Berg, this week’s summer host.

She is a charismatic leader with a radiant energy who immediately sets the tone when entering a room. Charlotte shares her story, openly and bravely, starting from the beginning with what it was like to grow up with a parent who struggled with alcohol, and how her experiences were transformed into a motivating and unstoppable force.

Charlotte also talks about her experiences in leadership and the key components of building a strong team. Charlotte also shares her reflections on why we are driven by perfectionism and achievement instead of focusing on what truly matters? as well as sharing her best tips on how she finds happiness and making sure that what is important in life, is prioritized.

The music in this episode is by the artist: Annika Vargas Storm
Song: Like if nothing ever changed  

About Charlotte:
Charlotte is the CEO of the health tech company IMR with a vision to improve the public health. Charlotte was previously the CEO of two listed companies in the tech and life science sectors. Charlotte is a dedicated leader with a strong commitment to health and well-being.

Connect with her on LinkedIn
Instagram: charlottesberg 
Mail: charlotte.berg@imr.se


About the Summer Talks:
Every Tuesday, 8 weeks from now, 8 episodes of the Feminvest Summer Talks will be released. You will be able to listen to 8 women’s thoughts about life, leadership, finances, entrepreneurship, investments, and career.

We have invited an exciting mix of women who will contribute in different ways to their conversations. We have amongst others, the youngest Swedish girl on Wall Street, We have a woman who talks about her journey on buying her bankrupt company, and an episode about having money to leave a bad relationship. In each episode, you will also hear a female artist contributing with their music.


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