Feminvest Summer Talk

Every Tuesday, 8 weeks from now, 8 episodes of the Feminvest Summer Talks will be released. You will be able to listen to 8 women’s thoughts about life, leadership, finances, entrepreneurship, investments, and career.

We have invited an exciting mix of women who will contribute in different ways to their conversations. We have amongst others, the youngest Swedish girl on Wall Street, We have a woman who talks about her journey on buying her bankrupt company, and an episode about having money to leave a bad relationship. In each episode, you will also hear a female artist contributing with their music.  

Meet Amanda Thorén, a Feminvest Summer Host!

? In this inspiring summer talk, Amanda Thorén, a determined entrepreneur and the owner of Bencha and Switch Game, shares her journey of resilience and determination. From a young age, Amanda had a burning passion for financial freedom and building her own future, which led her on a path of entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices. Despite facing challenges and experiencing a bankruptcy, Amanda remained unwavering in her pursuit of her vision for Bencha. She showcases her indomitable spirit and determination, highlighting her ability to overcome financial hardships and emerge stronger than ever. 

? Amanda fearlessly defies societal expectations as a entrepreneur, emphasizing the significance of financial freedom and empowering women in entrepreneurship. Through her talk, she inspires others to pursue their dreams and supports them in their aspirations. With her experience and knowledge, Amanda is dedicated to creating a better and more sustainable future for everyone. She concludes her talk with a resolute commitment to seizing life’s opportunities and proving that women are capable of achieving extraordinary things.

Amanda Thorén’s story serves as a powerful reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a strong vision, one can overcome obstacles and make a positive impact on the world.

About Amanda Thorén:
Amanda Thorén, a problem solver and a determined individual committed to finding new ways to transform business models into more circular and sustainable practices. As the founder of Bencha and co-founder of Switch Game, she is driven by a relentless desire to make a positive impact and drive meaningful change.

Her passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship has created her unwavering drive for innovative solutions. She firmly believes that embracing circular practices is not only vital for our environment but also opens up exciting opportunities for businesses to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Amanda is also passionate about female entrepreneurship and wants to pave the way for more people to create their freedom and independence, both financially and every day

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The music in this episode is by the artist: Elin Breitholtz
Song: Venom In My Veins &
To the song!


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