Feminvest Summer Talk: This is about a woman who, from an early age dreamed about it, wanted it, and did it.   

In this episode, you´ll learn that for this woman, there is nothing called pure luck. She created her own destiny based on willpower, motivation and hard work.
Meet Adela Dashian, this week’s summer host ? 

? At a young age Adela and her family moved from Sweden to the US. At the age of 18 Adela was admitted to one of the top-ranked business schools in the US, and her dream of establishing herself in the world of finance in New York was one step closer.  She tells the story of a (in most people’s eyes), terrifying and draining recruitment process, and how she became the youngest Swedish woman on Wall Street. 

The music in this episode is by the artist: Natali Noor
Song: Policeman

About: Adela:
Adela Dashian graduated from Villanova University in 2016 and has since then worked for several investment banks both in the US and Sweden. She began her career in New York before moving to Stockholm where she currently is a Vice President at Jefferies. Her ambition is to encourage more women to consider a career in finance in order to promote diversity and inclusion. 

Feminvest Summer Talk:
Every Tuesday, 8 weeks from now, 8 episodes of the Feminvest Summer Talks will be released. You will be able to listen to 8 women’s thoughts about life, leadership, finances, entrepreneurship, investments, and career. We have invited an exciting mix of women who will contribute in different ways to their conversations. We have amongst others, the youngest Swedish girl on Wall Street, We have a woman who talks about her journey on buying her bankrupt company, and an episode about having money to leave a bad relationship.
In each episode, you will also hear a female artist contributing with their music.

About Natali Noor Swedish-Iranian producer, songwriter, and artist Natali Noor is someone that has earnest masses of deserved acclaim for her collaborative efforts, producing and writing hit tunes with a litany of artists and even being named as Spotify’s first ever RADAR songwriter, gaining her a billboard on Times Square. With ‘Policeman’, supported by Rolling Stone magazine,  the artist has taken a huge step towards stepping into the spotlight herself and establishing her own unique sound.
Speaking about the new offering, she said, “In the past, I’ve been too scared to express myself and my inner desires. Producing and writing this song allowed me to let out all that energy and just stop giving a damn. I finished it during the isolation period of the pandemic, while I imagined the clubs being opened again and the crowd going wild to the beat. I want people to make-out and dance ugly to it!”  




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