I am spending a few days in our summer-house in the Eastern part of Sweden. An incredible time. Lazy days (more or less as we have a small baby) spent by the lake over the Midsummer-weekend. Strawberry-cake, cousins playing, running, flower picking, bathing, herring, sun and bare-feet; that pretty much summarizes my weekend so far. 

Talking about Midsummer and sun, if you have followed me for a while you know I have been involved in the board of the company called HODL SPAC. The company we ended up purchasing has been working with sustainable energy for many years and it is now a listed company – Windon, with the ticker WEG, listed at Spotlight Stock Market. They produce solar panels and other products locally, such as assembly systems. If you are interested in following the stock onwards you can read more about the company here. 

It’s been a lot of local travels lately. On Sunday I go to Gotland for the week, Almedalsveckan – for those of you that don’t know about it. A few days every year the whole of Sweden moves to the island to discuss politics and business for a few days.

Moreover just over a week ago Feminvest hosted an invitation only lunch in Oslo together with a brilliant group of women. This autumn we are hosting a first event there. To receive the pre-invitation to this event email info@feminvest.se.

I also had a lunch with a female entrepreneur and investor the other week who reminded me about such a wise thing when we discussed work and goal-setting. “It’s not about the goals you set up for yourself, it’s about what you do to reach those goals.” Sometimes I focus so much on reaching the goals, I actually forget that sometimes one need to appreciate everything created. 

So what goals do you have for your business or investment portfolio this year?How do you feel about what you have done to reach the goals? And how do you feel about not reaching the goals if that is the case?

Talking about goals, we have some women sharing their thoughts on money and goal-setting in the Feminvest Podcast. Have you listened to the Summer Talks by the Feminvest podcast yet? I was really moved by this week’s talk by Charlotte Berg, a conversation about health, the obligations we tend to give to ourselves and career.. Every Tuesday and for a few more weeks you can hear a new woman weekly sharing her thoughts on money in different ways. We have also added a song from a female artist. I hope that words and tunes will inspire you in different ways. 

Wish you a beautiful summer!


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