In this week’s Feminvest podcast you will meet Ingrid Clementson, the founder of 100 House of HR Legal AB as she shares the most common mistakes among businesses when employing, she also gives some advice ahead of a redundancy, in a conversation with Saba Saad, Manager EXPAND.

Furthermore Michaela Berglund discuss the real values of AI with Arli Mujkic, CEO EPTI and the entrepreneur who started to learn coding by hand and sold his first company before he was allowed to buy champagne in Sweden. In June 2023 a McKinsey report stated that generative AI would automate 60% to 70% of employee workloads, how could this affect you?

100 House of HR legal is the companies’ HR Legal support, preventing employment law matters from escalating into breach of law with damage fees and legal processes as a result.

Arli Mujkic is the entrepreneur who started to learn coding by hand (pen and paper). At the age of fourteen, he built a 3D engine used by NASA. Today he is the founder and CEO of the listed company EPTI.


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