In this week’s episode of the Feminvest podcast, you will hear from the amazing and funny Marianne Hamilton, an author with extensive business experience.

“What you shall not have in a company is stagnation, that people stay too long, in a group or in a position. With internal mobility, you will achieve diversity”

She was Atlas Copco’s Senior Vice President, Organizational Development and Management Resources for sixteen years. Her groundbreaking introduction at Atlas Copco of an internal global job market, where everyone was welcome to apply for open positions, led to a unique opportunity to improve the organization and make its corporate culture even stronger. The process including principles and guidelines is described in her book An Organizational Philosophy.

In Advice To My Dear Daughter, Marianne Hamilton gives her own deeply personal advice to women aiming for top executive positions who want to grow professionally. Her advice is based on her own experiences and observations, as well as many conversations with the women and men from the Swedish business world whom she has mentored.

In all her books, Marianne Hamilton demonstrates her strong faith in the individual. Her thoughts and ideas provide pragmatic, down-to-earth guidance for women to take charge of their careers and thrive.





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