191. Feminvest Summer Talk: Michaela Berglund

This week’s summer talk is hosted by the CEO of Feminvest Michaela Berglund. She tells a story she never told before, about how she found her courage. A conversation about having “fly away money” or “fuck off capital”. Because sometimes life simply happens and you can’t plan for what’s next. At those insecure times some money makes a huge difference, it could actually be a matter of life or death. She wants more women to stop look at money as something distant and encourage the listener to take small steps exploring how to use it.

The music in this week’s summer talk is performed by the artist: My Kullsvik

Song: Linneskjorta
Till her songs on Spotify 

My Kullsvik is the singer who had viral success with her Swedish version of Adele’s “Hello”. Since 2016, she has written both Swedish and English songs and she has just released this year’s most amazing summer song “Linneskjortat”!  The song is about a magical summer crush.



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