“She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t”

Comfydene in one’s own ability has been proven crucial to ownership. The willingness to take risks, negotiate and compete has also proved important for economic decision-making. However, it is worrying  that these behaviors has been highlighted often as the main reasons why we see gender differences in ownership today.”

  Ownership report, chapter: Catch 22

Feminvest Summer Talk: Episode 6
Meet Linda Waxin, this week’s summer host.

She is a force of nature putting her visionary spirit, creativity, and drive behind the changes she wants to see in the world. A societal changemaker with an agenda to change structures in favor of women´s financial autonomy and societal influence. With the purpose of liberating women’s bravery and opportunity to lead a life that is: “truly you”. Even if that “you” defies norms and expectations.

?In this inspiring summer talk she tells the story of how her upbringing led her to understand the importance of financial autonomy for women, and led her to her favorite cause of choice: women´s ownership. She shares both research-based insights from the reports of Ownershift, the think tank she co-founded, and learnings from the real life of being an entrepreneur, investor, board professional, activist, and business advisor.
? Her summer talk is a call for courage, and her story shows that bravery to move outside the norms, closer to your true self, can lead to the changes you want to see in the world.

The music in this episode is by the artist: Ragnhild
With the song: Love Game
To the artist: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6JHMMLdhNXimwwwD0BJqUn

About Linda Waxin:
Linda Waxin is a creative business woman, storyteller and societal changemaker. She is the co-founder of politically independent think thank Ownershift with the mission to powershift through ownership, and the climate tech start-up T.Loop with the mission to change the way data centres are built so that we can achieve less carbon dioxide in computing. She started her journey in the PR-industry becoming the CEO of Edelman Nordics at 30, Edelman being the largest PR agency in the world. Her conceptual and storytelling mindset, and ability to give ideas wings, touches everything she has done since, no matter if  it’s realising visions in civil society or in the business world.

Connect with Linda here!
To Lindas  Instagram
To Ownershift Instagram
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