187. Feminvest Summer Talk: Petra Jacob

Have you ever had to change the way you send your children to school because of the increasing violence in your neighbourhood? Telling them to run if they see a masked man in the schoolyard?

Feminvest Summer Talk: Episode 5
Meet Petra Jacob, the founder of the nonprofit organization Lebi and a Feminvest Summer Host

?In this summer talk, she tells the story of her journey to build a nonprofit organization that works proactively to help children choose an alternative path in life with the help of sports. Listen to how she with four kids, a full-time job as a project manager at Scania and no capital, manages to build up an organization that creates social impact. How she went from including 30 kids in one school and community within free sports practises every week to include over 270 kids and 50 youth leaders in four schools all located in socially vulnerable areas within three years. And how she step by step built the organization into what it is today!

She speaks about the importance of social engagement and the societal challenges like criminality, mental illness and segregation Sweden is facing. The reason why Sweden is facing the challenges they do and why it is more important than ever that business and the public sectors step up and do more when it comes to collaborations with the non-profit sector and proactive work.

? When Petra started Lebi IF, she wanted to start a movement that makes society more inclusive, where every child has the opportunity to be a part of something.

About Lebi: A non-profit organization that includes and integrates kids and families with the help of sports and meaningful leisure activities. Lebi offers free sport practises in basketball, soccer, volleyball and gymnastics after school every day in four schools for kids between the age of 7-13 years old. The organization built social infrastructures in the community so it’s possible for every kid to be a part of something in their spare time with good role models.

Do you want to support Lebi IF, contact Petra!

LinkedIn: Petra Jacob
Email: petra@lebiif.se
Instagram: Lebiif

About Petra Jacob
Petra a double award winner in Sweden 2023. She is awarded with Swedish leader of the year as well as “årets eldsjäl” because of her determination and drive to help and create a better future for kids living in social economic vulnerable areas. Petra got tired of hearing the same thing over and over again from politicians, decision makers within the county and sports associations that said that its hard to reach out and connect with kids and families living in social economic vulnerable areas and therefore determine to prove everyone wrong and show that is possible it’s more of how you do it and if you care to do anything at all.


The music in this episode is by the artist: Ragnhild
With the song: Rewind
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