…there is a list.

Together with a woman you can find multiple things. You usually find other women, as we are good at managing our relationships. Personally, every Saturday morning I know my mum calls her sister for a weekly update. She had been doing it consistently since I as a child played with the curly cord that connected the phone to the wall. (Some of you might not have a clue what I talk about right now.)

But hey, you also find a list. Right! What does it say about how we commit to tasks and try to make sure to get things done across the areas of our lives? It’s a good thing as determination and staying sane are intertwined. And having your duties written down are supposed to keep your brain more relaxed, as you get a sense of control and don’t have to remind yourselves of the tasks regularly. We have lists for everything. My list at the moment has tossed together work-related to-dos with some personal health actions and a few things I need to do for the now three (!!) kids of mine.

If we talk about achieving goals financially, something we are working a lot with in the Feminvest community we need to be reminded about the goals we set if we want to achieve success. Carving out some time and working on the goals regularly makes sense to all of us.


“There is a direct correlation between setting goals and achieving success.”


So how come we as women don’t have a list for the financial goals we set out for ourselves ? The financial goals should be added to that list of daily tasks so we get reminded of them daily. Is it because we don’t set those goals at all or is it simply that we don’t make sure to have them written down so that we can see them? No matter your answer I want to challenge you today to take 15 or 30 minutes or whatever you have to write down the goals you feel you can achieve financially. Start with the accomplishments for this year.One goal for savings, one for investments and one or your business.

If you feel bold. Send them to me and I will promise to save them and remind you on how it went early next year. I am just heading out for a run as a check-off on my list. Writing this blog is another check so I am on a streak…

Have a good weekend!


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