We are indoctrinated with the term “sommarprat”  (summer talks) in Sweden. It’s actually more of a tradition than our national day. The first year of publishing them via Radio Sweden was back in 1959. To put that in context; our national day was happening for the very first time in 2005.

Every year the whole Swedish population listens to personal talks covering all sorts of themes and stories. One day we cry along with superstars, the other day we are learning from someone immensely clever, or we are being provoked by some actions shared in those talks.
I was thinking about role models some time ago and who we consider to be influential. When it comes to money we tend to hide the mistakes we make like it would be dirt under the carpet and on the contrary we flaunt the successes.

But what happens if we share some mistakes that we do, give away some advice we have applied to our career, or what we think is important outside of work, money, or business?

That is why I am so excited to publish a series of summer talks in the FEMINVEST PODCAST. With a few incredible women talking about money in different ways. Talking about money is not dirty. Let’s settle that first, it’s simply a tool and more women should feel confident using it.
We look forward to sharing those talks with you every Tuesday onwards. I hope you love, learn, cry, and laugh with us for eight weeks straight. Thank you, SEB for being our partner this summer and making this possible.

To the first episode: Feminvest Summer Talk with Amanda Thorén


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