As far as I am concerned there are three accessible ways for you to become a millionaire, and by that statement I exclude winning the lotto. How come I speak about millionaires? Because every new venture I initiate under the Feminvest umbrella should accelerate female ownership. Hence the million dollar question (pun intended) has an important answer, female millionaires count. Every year I would like to reevaluate every growing fortune of the women we meet to see how the wealth growths over time by the initiatives we have. I have chosen to build Feminvest on three educational pillars available for any woman intrigued by growing their funds. It’s not exclusive for women with extensive knowledge, it’s for everyone who wants to get started with an investment portfolio or company – but even greater if you have a clear goal. So here is what we do.

Feminvest Academy

The first way you can become a millionaire is through saving a percentage of your salary every month and investing it in stocks, ETFs or funds. I know some of you doubt me during a year like this, but trust me it works. And it is a lot better to start investing now when market valuations are low compared to the beginning of last year when the shares were pretty expensive put in a historic context. Through our Academy you will have the opportunity to meet women exploring how to start investing or develop as investors. There is a little something for everyone. Why not take the trading course we have for the short term investor. Learn more.

Feminvest Angel Investor Network

You could invest in a business, – an idea with a team that hopefully will build your wealth over time, even though it comes at a higher risk. To earn more money risk should be mitigated not avoided so that is why we have initiated a female angel investor network. To inspire and learn from each other in the process of assessing new investments in unlisted companies. That is also the reason we have launched an all-day education “Become an angel-investor”. You find some more information about those here. Explore and sign up.

Feminvest Expand

The third way for you to become a millionaire is by founding and scaling your own business. Believe it or not but Sweden ranks at the bottom when looking at how many women found and scale businesses in Europe. At the same time more women than ever have an ambition to start a company. We want to be an active partner in making sure more women pursue that dream. By our new service Expand we would like to assist women in pursuing their financial goals with their business very concretely. Join Expand.

If you are new to Feminvest I hope you now understand why we do what we do. This is simply the beginning of our journey, we have a few surprises to share with you down the line. Also, in our weekly Feminvest podcast you will meet some of the hundreds women founders we have come across lately and also we talk about investing.

Look forward to share my journey of expanding Feminvest as a company with you here!

/ Michaela

Instagram: @amichaelaberglund
Twitter: @miberglund





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